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Mutton Dhalcha

Mutton Dhalcha
I can see that many would be wondering what is fancy dish is" Mutton Dhalcha" right? It's nothing just sambar prepared with Mutton. It might sound unusual for adding mutton to sambar but that's a very traditional to have as an accomplishment with chicken biryani or mutton biryani . Dhalcha is actually prepared and served in weddings (nikkah) which is the Indian Muslim community in Singapore and Malaysia. You can never find a Indian Muslim wedding without mutton dhalcha. During one of my classmates wedding I got the chance to taste and was very rich. The common vegetables which are added are carrots,potatoes,drumsticks and eggplants.A different twist in preparing sambar.When buy rotiparata from hawker centres in Singapore they commonly serve them with Dhalcha with mutton fats but hardly you can find mutton chunks..It would be very delicious when the roti is soaked with the curry....hehhehe just couldn't wait to go back there...

Serving Size: 5