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A Friendly Treat For Best Friend

A Friendly Treat of Singapore Recipe and Party Menu:
As everyone knows I was brought up in Singapore. It's neither as big as India or USA. Just a small dot on the world map. Everything could be found easily. After marriage I hubby got job in USA and before coming here I was in India with my kids for sometime. I'm always surrounded with fun and people. When I first came here in 5 Oct 2007 I was feeling very lonely and we had a terrible time on flight as my daughter got fever. My luck got worst when Owasso was hit by ice storm after 25yrs . We had no electricity for 10 days and have to stay with my hubby's friend in Weatherford Texas. Then I got to know all my hubby's college friend and had gathering to have the feeling of home but we were the only Tamil speaking family. When I go for any functions or gatherings I had a very difficult time expressing myself to others and some cannot understand me. Wait that doesn't mean I cannot speak English ok :)We can feel homely w…