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A Note :

I'm neither a professional photographer nor a professional cook. I blog out of my passion for cooking and wants to share my recipes with others. All my recipes are 100% home-made and tasted by my family members before I post them . I don't copy or steal from websites or other bloggers. If I like any recipe I will name my source and always give credit to them. I wanted have a site of my own for a very long time but didn't really got the time achieve them as at that time I was not a very keen in cooking that much. My hubby use to compare me with his mother's cook and I really bad bad as I was brought up in Singapore where you can find food anywhere so I tend to eat out rather than eating at home. Even if I do cook it will be different from my in-law as her's is more to traditionally cooking . I like to play with my ingredients and do try out many dishes but my hubby always got something to say or compare. When I came to USA for the first time.I was bored and that&#…