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Stir-Fried Pak Choi

Stir-Fried Poi Choi
Source: Wikipedia
Pak Choi (also known as pok choi or Peking cabbage) is a Chinese cabbage.It's commonly used in stir fry and spring rolls.Pak choi originally comes from China, but has become popular in European food, particularly in the UK, with the increase in popularity of Chinese cooking.It's relatively easy to grow and is high in vitamin C, beta carotene, folic acid and calcium, as well as many essential minerals.

Ingredients: Serving Size: 4

1/2 lb Pak Choi
1 medium yellow onion chopped
1tbsp minced garlic
1tbsp chillie flask
1tsp dark soy sauce
1/2tsp light soy sauce
1tbsp sesame oil
salt and pepper to taste

Preparation Methods:
Trim the bottoms of the pak choi to separate the stalks. Discard the bottoms. In a large bowl filled with cold water, gently wash the pak choi in several changes of water until thoroughly cleaned. Sand and grit will settle in the bottom of the bowl and keep aside.Infuse 1tbsp of olive with crushed chille flask in a non-stick pan …