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Steamed Chicken Parcel

Steamed Chicken Parcel
Well yesterday I was browsing tru my friend's Dan's blog..her grilled chicken was so tempting and I wanted to try them was so simple without many spice. My hubby came up with this item of making steamed chicken in parcel which nothing but steaming the chicken pieces fold in aluminum foil. Instead of prepare Dan's Grilled Chicken I end up doing this dish..At first I was not sure how it will taste but it was so deciduous and perfectly cooked... Enjoy preparing this dish and shared it with your loved ones pals...

Serving Size:4

6 chicken drumsticks
salt and pepper to taste- accord lying to your taste
2tbsp chilli powder
4tbsp lime juice
1/4 cup beaten curd

Preparation Methods:
Wash the chicken well and split across the chicken. Then in a large bowl add 2tsp taste(i used only this amt for the recipe) and 4tbsp grounder pepper powder,chilli powder. lime juice and the curd. Whisk well and add the chicken drumstick. Mix well and cover and refrig…