Valakkai Varuval Masala

Valakkai Varuval Masala
As I have mentioned in my earlier post that I have completely forgotten about preparing South Indian food for sometime. I have waken up and my kitchen is being infused with aroma of South Indian cooking for the past few days.To satisfy the urge for good South India comforting food I have prepare these delicious Valakkai Varuval Masala. As everyone knows that I'm married to a software consultant from Pollachi- famous place for the natural beauty and fresh water on the border to Kerala where coconut are widely found.The first time I taste this recipe after my marriage and MIL made these for me. She called Valakkai Meen Varval as she slice then very thinly lengthwise and it resemble fish tail part. I have add my own twist to the recipe to my taste.
Serving Size:4

For Masala Paste:
1/2 cup chopped shallots
2tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 dried chillies
1tbsp curry powder
1/2tsp fennel seeds
few curry leaves
1 large tomato chopped
1/4tsp turmeric powder
1/8tsp ajwain seeds
salt to taste
1/4 fresh grated coconut

Roast all the ingredients until fragrant and grind to a paste once cooled. Keep aside.

2 medium sized Valakkai peeled and slice lengthwise as thinly as possible
1/2tsp turmeric powder
1tsp chillie powder
1tbsp curd
1/4tsp garam masala
salt to taste
1 red onion chopped
1/2tsp cumin seeds
1/2tsp mustard seeds
few curry leaves
chopped coriander leaves

Preparation Methods:
Mix the Valakkai with tumeri powder,chillie powder,garam masala ,curd and salt. Leave aside for about 3 hours. Heat some vegetable oil in a wok and fry the valakkai . Drain and keep aside.
Add 2tbsp of the vegetable from the fried valakkai to another wok and splutter curry leaves,cumin and mustard seeds followed by the chopped onions. As the onions turns slightly browned add the masala paste and saute til oil starts to separate. Add the fried valakkai and mix well. Once the masala starts to boil adjust the level of salt nad transfer to a serving platter garnished with chopped coriander leaves.


Priya Suresh said…
I never tried vazhakai like this, looks yummy..regarding ur q'n how i manage to post recipes, am a mom of 3 kids, have to cook and bake often, as they keep me always busy , thats the secret of my postings dear..
prasu said…
hi dear....yummy curry...totally new and i could not get what is vazhakai mean?
Vrinda said…
Nice spicy masala...would lov to try...
Sarah Naveen said…
Wow!! that looks so spicy..the way i like it..
Perfect with rice.
Rohini said…
So delicious! Sounds like a must-try!
Thank u all so much for visiting and give comments..that's such a huge encouragement for me to carry on with my food journey :))
I like your valakkai curry method,next time i will try that recipe.