Veggie Iddlies

Veggie Iddlies


Serving Size: 28 pieces

1 cup white rava
1 cup wheat rava
1 cup mixed vegetable
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1tbsp ural dah
1tbsp peppercorns
1 tbsp channa dal
3 green chilies, finely chopped
few sprig of curry leaves sliced thinly as possible
big pinch soda (optional)
freshly chopped mint and coriander leaves
2 tbsp grated fresh coconut
1 cup well beaten thick curd with little salt and hing powder
2tbsp ghee
handful roasted cashew nuts

Preparation Methods:

Heat ghee, add the mustard seeds and once they splutter, add the ural dah,peppercorn,cumin seeds,chana dal and saute till the dal turns golden brown. Add the green chillies and curry leaves .Immediately add rava and on low to medium heat stir fry the rava for about minutes.Let the mixture cool off.In another pan add 1tsp oil and once heated saute the mixture vegetables for a couple of minutes. Take a bowl -add the mixed vegetables,mint, coriander leaves, grated coconut, curd, water and salt and mix well.Finally mix in the rava mixture and more water if you find the batter too thick. Leave the mixture for a least 1-2 hours.

Grease idli plates.Pour the batter and place a roasted cashew nut on each of the rava batter. Steam the rava idlis and let it stand for few seconds before removing the rava idlis carefully with a spatula and serve hot with chutney of your choice.


looks so yum... I use gits mix for this... Yours looks so good...
Tina said…
Healthy and yummy iddlies....
Preety said…
idlis look lovely, i tried these ones before but didn't came out as good as yours
Sarah Naveen said…
love the colours..Such a comfort food...looks really yummy!!!
Nithya said…
Wow.. yummy and healthy too :)
Rohini said…
Not a fan of Rava idlis, but you tempted me!! Enna ore idli mazhai a iruku!!
Chitra said…
Nice , colorful idlis , tempting :)
Suparna said…
I enjoy them any time and everytime its made :)
Vikis Kitchen said…
I like all your recipes very much. They are very easy to make and healthy too. This idly has fascinated me very much da. Bookmarking this idly. Great feast for my eyes and tummy:)
Unknown said…
so colourful and so tempting..
Padhu Sankar said…
Idlys look colourful.New comer here
Do visit
Jaleela Kamal said…
வாவ் ரொம்ப அருமையான இட்லி
my kitchen said…
Romba nalla erruku rava idly