Tomato Doas

Tomato Doas

Serving Size: Makes abut 10 dosas

For the Paste:

3 large ripe tomatoes
5 dried chillies
3 garlic cloves
a small ginger root
1tsp fennel seeds
few spring of curry leaves
salt to taste
1tsp chopped mint leaves

Saute all the ingredients with 2tsp oil and grind to a very smooth paste once it's cooled. Keep aside.
1 cup dosa batter
1tsp mustard seeds
1tsp cumin seeds
a pinch hing powder
1tsp channa dal
1tsp ural dah

Preparation Methods:
Splutter all the ingredients expect the doas batter with 1tsp oil and mix in with the doas batter followed by the tomato paste. Mix them well. The batter is ready. Pour the batter in a swirling motion (like making regular dosas) on a hot pan. Drizzle some oil on it. When one side is cooked to a golden color, flip over and cook the other side.


Wow that was really fast one..thanks hon for the comments...ur blog is awesome too..kinda of busy..will check out each recipe later maybe at sign in as follower too if u like..
kitchen queen said…
Nice an delicious tomato dosa.
Vrinda said…
Once i tried Tomato dosa from Pavitra's blog,was tasty...looks perfect and colorful...nice click...
Vikis Kitchen said…
Want to try this dosa also very soon. Another temptation from you again:)
Sarah Naveen said…
Lovely,tangy and delicious Dosa..
Tina said…
Colourful and lovely dosaaa.
Urmi said…
Very nice, tasty, crispy and yummy dosa. Feel like eating it.
Priya Suresh said…
Such a colourful dosa dear!
Jaleela Kamal said…
ஆகா தக்காளி தோசை பார்க்கவே ரொம்ப யம்மியாக இருக்கு
my kitchen said…
my mom will prepare the same,except adding cloves,colorful dosa