Grilled Sand-which with Avocado and Herbs Spread

Guess what I'm a great fan of having breads any time of the day since a kid. A easy and quick way to satisfy one's hunger in seconds of time.These bread doesn't have to be plain and toasted with butter or jam. We can create a huge platter of different variates of eye catching sandwiches.I have learned a few different types of spread from friends. With that in mind I made these yummy toasted wheat bread with avocado spread.

Grilled Sand-which with Avocado and Herbs Spread

Serving Size: Makes about 24 sandwhiches

For the spread:

2 ripe avocado
2tbsp sour cream
2tbsp olive oil
1 small tomatoes chopped finely
3/4 cup finely chopped coriander leaves
juice of a lemon
1tsp of any heard seasoning

Place all the ingredients in a food processor and mix until smooth. Season with salt and pepper.Transfer to a glass bowl,lay plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the spread to prevent a skin forming and keep refrigerated until ready to use. Try making the spread closer to serving time so that it will not discolor.

8 slices of wheat bread
cheese slices
sliced ham
fried eggs
lettuce leaves

Preparation Methods:
Apply a little butter on each sides of the bread and slightly toasted them on tawa. On each toasted bread apply the avocado spread evenly.Lay the bread with a slice cheese,slice ham,egg and the lettuce leaves. Top with another bread and trim all the edges and toast them a few second and cut into three slices. The grilled sand-which is ready to munched away with a steaming hot cup of chocolate or your choice of beverages.