Minty Cashew Wings

Minty Cashew Wings
As the alarm goes of at 5.30 am I was struggling to open my eyes but as a usual routine I have to fight with my urge to go back to sleep again.With hairs falling all over my face, I brushed my teeth and clipped up my hair and started to prepare bf and lunch for my hubby and kid.I was looking for some coriander leaves and my eyes got the sight of the huge bundle of fresh mint leaves. My first thought was to prepare a chicken dish with the mint leaves.Chicken has become the common staple in many kitchens throughout the world. As a chicken lover myself- I wouldn't waste a second in trying to create a unique taste in cooking chicken. Frying chicken is one of the popular method where the chicken are coated with flour- a breading mixture of one's choice. Mint have delicate flavor which gives the peppermint taste to any non-veg dishes especially chicken-a great combination .Mint leaves have a pleasant warm,fresh,aromatic,sweet favor with a cool aftertaste hmm hmm- just image the taste makes top of the world.....I have some wings in my freeze and was all set for preparing a marinade using the mints.The combination of yogurt,cashew nuts and mint creates a refreshing and creamy marinade for the chicken wings. Sit back and enjoy the the wings coming out of the oven that's crispy outsider but tender inside:)

Ingredients Serving Size: 5

For the Marinade:
1 cup roughly chopped mint leaves
1/2 cup well beaten curd with 1tbsp water
1tbsp ginger garlic paste
3 green chillies
1tsp peppercorns
1/4tsp turmeric powder
1/4tsp curry leave powder
1tsp cumin powder
1tbsp chillie powder
juice of half lime
salt to taste

Blend all the ingredients into a very smooth paste and keep aside.

1 lb chicken wings
2tbsp roasted cashew nuts
1tbsp roasted peanuts
1tsp onion powder
1tbsp sesame oil

Preparation Methods:
Wash the chicken well and pat dry and place them in a large bowl. Pound the cashew nuts and peanuts with the sesame oil until they resemble the consistency of bread crumbs. Add the marinade and toss the wings till they blend well in the marinade. Finally add the pounded powder and give a quick toss.Place the in the fridge for couple of hours. Would be perfect if they are marinade two day before you wish to make them.

Preheat the oven to 450° C. Arrange the marinade chicken wings in greased tray for 15minutes on each sides or till the wings are done. Serve them screaming hot your choice sauces and garnish.


Tina said…
Mouthwatering and superb wings dear. Im a great fan of chicken wings..
gtyuk said…
that's so tempting Sarah; how are you managing to do all this early in the morning, great courage have you got!!! I've always loved the herb and cream combination on meats!

and thank you for all the encouraging scraps you left me during my absence; that's really heart-warming! I'm fine, you see that's why I'm back :)
Sarah Naveen said…
looks delicious!!!
I love the combo of chicken with mint...very flavorful..
Vin I just love to cook so always find the time to prepare dear..Welcome back my dear..hope to see many recipes from ur side..Thanks Sarah and Tina for the comments..keep visiting and enjoying cooking and blogging.
Pushpa said…
Hey Saraswathy, I tried this recipe today and it turned out time I make it will reduce the amount of chilli and pepper thou!