Chicken Briyani Ver 3

Chicken Briyani Ver 4
Capturing one's heart is through tummy..I'm not going to debate whether these statement are true as my hubby still gives comments comments like:
"Chitra maybe you should add a bit more spices or the taste is not like in the goes on and on."
Well let's get back to Briyani..I have post a few types of briyani which I have tasted which are prepared by friends and relatives but still I'm not comfortable with any as the tastes differs from each depending on region and culture too..Briyani happens to my hubby's favorite and still boost that his mother prepare the best one. I'm not a fan of briyani at all. Prefer to have steaming white rice with lots of vegetable -those prepare in Chinese style without much spices. I learned how to prepare briyani within 2 days just to please my hubby as newly married couple but till now he has some issues regarding them...that's an old story..Recently we went to Houston for Labour Day long weekend and BIL's wife have prepared this tasty briyani which I like and as usual my hubby loved it and wants me to prepare them for him For the first time he said that the briyani tasted just like her's. LOL I was blew away by his credit.

Serving Size: 5

6 green chillies
2tsp fennel seeds
2tbsp ginger garlic paste
1/2 bunch coriander leaves
1/2 bunch mint leaves
1tsp peppercorns

Grind the above mentions ingredients into a fine paste and keep aside.

1 whole chicken- skin remove and chopped up
1 cup finely slice shallots
2 tomatoes chopped finely
1tsp chillie powder
1tsp turmeric powder
1tsp briyani masala
1/2tsp cumin powder
1/2tsp coriander powder
3 bay leaves
3 cardamon pods
a small cinnamon stick
few cloves
2tbsp lime juice
1/4 cup curd
3 cups basmathi rice
2tbsp ghee
3tbsp olive oil
chopped coriander leaves
fried onions optional

Preparation Methods:
Run the chopped chicken well under running water-drain and add them into a large bowl with 1/2tsp chillie powder,cumin powder,coriander powder,turmeric powder,briyani masala and 1tbsp lemon juice. Mix them well leave it aside for least 4 hours or marinate overnight.In a heavy bottom skillet heat oil and ghee- then add cloves,cardamoms,bay leaves,cinnamon.Saute them till the aroma of the spice are released. Then add the slice shallot and fry them till it turns brown followed by the chopped tomatoes. Saute them till they blend in with the onions.Add in all the remaining spice powder,curd and salt followed by the grind paste. Once the oil starts to separate add the chopped chicken and saute till they blend in with the spice mixture.Finally add in the rice and mix them really. Cover the skillet with a lid for about 10 minutes and stir occasionally to prevent them from sticking to the pan or get burned. Once the chicken turn pink transfer them to the rice cook and add water.Cook until they are done. Transfer to serving platter garnished with more chopped coriander leaves and fried onions.


Tina said…
Chicken biriyani sounds great
Urmi said…
Chicken biryani looks yummy and delicious. I often prepare chicken biryani as I love very much.
Priya Suresh said…
I just love briyani, am a die hard fan of this delicious briyanis, i do prepare as many versions, this version looks prefect for me..