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We were visiting our old friends back in Owasso recently and that's where I learned how to prepare this famous Kerala cuisine from my hubby's friend Ram. It's one of my favorite food which I like to have with brown sugar and banana. Ram taught me how to prepare them step by step and my attempt was a success but first round of the puttu was not in good shape. After making a few I mange to get the shape right.

Puttu Source: Wikipedia
Puttu (Malayalam: പുട്ട്,pronounced [puttu]), is a culinary specialty in Kerala. It is also popular in certain areas of Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. It is made by steaming moistened rice powder.It is key that only enough water to wet the flour be added, and that too slowly. This should not have the consistency of dough, but rather a damp coarse mixture. Of late, other variations with wheat flour, flour made from tapioca, corn and ragi and even maida are also used. Puttu is also served with various dishes, most popularly papadam, yellow Kerala plantain, chicken curry, kadala curry (black chickpeas curry) etc.For steaming the puttu, there is a special utensil called Puttu Kutti(known as Pittu Bambuwa in Sri Lanka). It consists of two sections. The lower bulkier portion is where the water for steaming is stored. The upper detachable smaller portion, which is separate from the lower portion, has perforated lids so as to allow the steam to pass through and bake the rice powder which has been filled. The upper section is covered with a perforated cup shaped lid once it is filled with rice powder. Another variant is the chiratta puttu, where the steaming is done on a coconut shell die, or in a steel replica of similar shape as photographed.Chirratu Puttu implement alone from top view with cover taken off .Some also have steamed the mixture in a pan similar to an idli pan. The only difference between the typical idli pan used for steaming idlis and the one used for steaming pittu is that there should be small holes on the bottom of the idli pan to allow steam to escape the bottom of each portion. They use pressure cooker as well for steaming.

Serving Size:5

Raw Rice or Kerala Matta Rice- 2 cups (same amount if you use rice flour or puttu flour)
Grated coconut - 1 cup
Water - 1/2 cup
1/4 cup jaggery (optional)
Salt to taste

Preparation Method 1: If you are using store-brought puttu or rice flour:
Add salt and approximately 3 table spoons of grated coconut into the flour and mix well. Add water little by little to the rice flour and mix it. The flour should be wet enough for steaming, but we have to be careful when you add water to the flour. The consistency has got to be right. Puttu has to be made in a Puttu maker. Layer the Puttu maker with some grated coconut first, then the rice mixture and then the grated coconut again. Steam for 2-3 minutes, take out and serve hot.
Preparation Method 2:
If you are using raw rice:
First get a good quality of rice and then soak the rice for about 3 hours-drain and then spread them evenly on a white cloth under the sun for better drying as the rice should be completely dried. Then grind them into a very fine powder in the blender. (you can also use the rice flour from the stores or even those pre-packed puttu flour).Empty the powder into a large bowl. Mix salt with water nad sprinkle them little by little to the flour and mix it making sure that there's no lumps formed.Just wet enough powdered form. The mixing should be appropriate such that all the rice grains should be damp enough for steaming.The flour should not turn into a dough form,but has to be in a powdered form itself.

Add half of the grated coconut and the jaggery into it and mix well. (I like to add jaggery if you don't prefer just omit them). Now to fill the mould, first add 1 tsp of grated coconut into it .Now fill the mould with dampen rice flour and close the lid.Heat the pressure cooker after filling 2/3 rd of it with water .The mould can be fixed to the cooker,just after the steam is released .Now allow it to to cook in steam for 5-7 minutes.You can see steam coming out from the small holes on the lid of the Puttu maker.Detach the mould from the cooker and turn it over onto a serving dish.


looks great... I have eaten this - it tastes awesome...
Well it's also a very health dish too and thanks for the comment dear
Nithya said…
I have never had puttu before.. yours looks tempting and badly want to try.

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