Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun (Hindi: गुलाब जामुन, Urdu: گلاب جامن) is a dessert which is popular throughout the Indian Subcontinent) made of a dough consisting mainly of milk solids (often including double cream and flour) in a sugar syrup flavored with cardamom seeds and rosewater or saffron.Gulab Jamun is most often eaten as a dessert, and usually eaten at festivals or major celebrations, such as marriages Diwali.There are various types of Gulabjamun and every flavor has its own taste.Gulab Jamun gets its brownish red color because of the sugar content in the milk powder or khoya. In other types of gulab jamun, sugar is added in the dough, and after frying, the sugar caramelizing gives it its dark, almost black colour, which is then called kala jamun, "black jamun". Kala jamun is very popular in the state of West Bengal in India.

Gulab Jamun


Serving Size: Abt 20

3 cups sugar
7 cups water
2tsp cardamom powder
1/4tsp saffron

Make a thick syrup by boiling until the sugar is dissolved. Turn of form heat and add the remaining ingredients.

2 cups powdered milk
2/3 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup heavy cream
vegetable oil for deep frying

Preparation Methods:
Add powdered milk,all-purpose flour and baking soda with 1 cup of heavy cream. Gradually mix to form a soft dough.Make into even sized balls and set aside and cover with a damp cloth.Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed frying pan . Once heated add the balls slowly a few at a time . Fry to an even golden brown and adjust the heat so they don't get dark any sooner than 5-7 minutes.When browned, drain the oil off the balls, dip them into the syrup, then transfer onto a serving dish. Re-boil the syrup between batches to keep the thickening process happening.After all the balls have been prepared, boil the syrup again for about 15 minutes, until thicker, and pour over the balls. Let the syrup soak in for a few hours before serving.

Note: To make even shaped balls just use ice-cream scoop to get the balls and apply some onto the palm and roll out. The oil prevents the ball from sticking to palm while rolling..


Unknown said…
Gulab jamoon looks too too good. Wish I had a few servings!
Chitra said…
wowowoow...what else to say...lovely ones..even i have a plan to make this:)
gtyuk said…
they look so perfect, soft and even size, simply perfect :)

I use milk instead of cream , will try using cream next time :)
Sanghi said…
Mmmm perfect jamoon..! Have to try out saras..!