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A Note :

I'm neither a professional photographer nor a professional cook. I blog out of my passion for cooking and wants to share my recipes with others. All my recipes are 100% home-made and tasted by my family members before I post them . I don't copy or steal from websites or other bloggers. If I like any recipe I will name my source and always give credit to them. I wanted have a site of my own for a very long time but didn't really got the time achieve them as at that time I was not a very keen in cooking that much. My hubby use to compare me with his mother's cook and I really bad bad as I was brought up in Singapore where you can find food anywhere so I tend to eat out rather than eating at home. Even if I do cook it will be different from my in-law as her's is more to traditionally cooking . I like to play with my ingredients and do try out many dishes but my hubby always got something to say or compare. When I came to USA for the first time.I was bored and that's when one of my Tintu told me about orkut where one can find their lost friends. I created and made a lots of good friends but not schoolmate or childhood friends as they don't use orkut. Then I joined Mrs South Indies community and that's where I got idea of blogging my recipes to share with others. When I first started to blog I didn't recive any comments or suggestions in the blog but to my email and scraps. Slowly I started getting comments and many well-wishers who have tried my recipes.Thank u so much..without you guys I will not came this far and reached 200 recipes in my blog...I'm kinda of feeling very bad these days so I will not be posting any new recipes. Marble cake will be my last post. Maybe I will be back after sometime with better recipes and snaps.. Thanks once again for encourage to me and supporting me so far.


Anonymous said…
Hi this is me who used to correct ur mistakes.Just saw ur post today that U r feeling bad.But still I have one correction in the 1st line itself.Instead of "either" its "neither" a prof. photographer.

Just take your own time and dont bother about anyone commenting bad.If they are gud, let them have their blog.Posting recipes & pictures does takes time.That too with kids and other work, I really appreciate your effort.

U didnt invite them to view ur recipes.They came by themselves.If they dont find the pictures gud, let them go check other blogs.So dont mind @ those comments.
Thank u..I'm not feeling bad about's just that I have my own things to sort out ..who ever u r..I must thank u as point out my mistakes which I really appreciated a lot.a way of showing that u really take time to read word by word in the recipes..I used to type fast or sometimes I get distracted by my kids-anyway thanks for ur support and concern..will definitively be back with more recipes once I sort out my keep visiting my friend..I really want to know who u me at so much
thamari said…
Hi Saras,
You are doing a great great job my dear. I realy appreciate that. I use to check your blog daily. But I hardly try them just because Iam too lazy to cook after work. I realy like your recipes.Don't worry abt photos.Its all about your passion of cooking.If somebody realy bother abt your pics we can't help it,coz we eat food not pics. Take it easy dear. Hope to see more tasty food from you. Wish you all the very best.

Saras, its really sad to see this post... Sometimes ppl feel that correcting others would hurt them and never correct for that reason while other correct your mistake... Its a tedious job to take care of kids, cook for them serve and do household chores, then take pics, post them on the web... You are doing an excellent job and there is nothing to be worried abt some comments... More important, this comparison with Mothers cooking and wifes cooking is very common and husbands usually have this tendency, so keep cool... You will need a few days time off but do get back to blogging this is an art which you have mastered and there is no right or wrong way here... Expecting more of your posts and recipes, sort out ur things and do get back...
Anonymous said…
Hiiiiiiiii Saraskka,
Dont feel hurt pls. The person who was rude somehow agreed that ur recipes are gud. So, why worries?.

Try to wipe the corners of the vessels so it wont look messy as he or she stated. Its simple. You can check where mullai mam has mentioned how to take pic.

Your pic are not bad. only very few have gravies splashed at the corners. You can wipe it and it would look so good.

You better post recipes now acca. And, abt these husbands comments... Though, am quite young, i observe lot. Its a fault in our community treating wives as outsiders somehow (though they dont do it intentionally).

You should be happy if your kids enjoy the food & make sure ur arvind does not complain to his wife when he grows up :D:D:D

Dont worry acca... Pls be happy... Reply me in orkut acca.

I wont be checking here often.. Exams on 7th..

Pls remove the word notification btw...
Anonymous said…
Shoot forgot to put name. Its Manoo here acca.. I posted the above comment
Vikis Kitchen said…
Hi Saras, I agree we all are not photographers or chefs. I too got a comment like this a month ago. I was shocked. but i didnt remove the snap. Why should I? Its our blog, our personal space and we have the freedom to post anything we cook.
Take a lot of rest. But I want to see u around dear. Don't give up blogging. It is the way we record, our dedication.
We can try to improve our photos soon, but we need true recipes more than that, because it is a blog for recipes. That's it.
Hugs and love,
Shama Nagarajan said…
hai first time's not easy to reach 200 recipes post dear....u have achieved this with kids and all other house hold works..........dont feel for unknown confident....continue blogging when u feel better....take care...
veena said…
Hi ..
thanks for visiting my blog ..and very nice to knw that u and family liked my chicken curry ..yea we use spicy food :) keep visiting
u also gt a nice blog ..keep it up
Anonymous said…
Wow!!Template is amazing.That too search in "pen" form.Looks awesome.

Keep going!!
Sanghi said…
First time here, u have a nice blog. Loved reading the recipies..! Sad to hear about the recent happenings, u don't worry..! Keep blogging..! Hope to see your new recipe soon!
gtyuk said…
Hi Saraswathy,
I think I missed something here....

your marble cake has come out good, what is happening?

you know what you're capable of and how good is your food, be confident and courage girl!

you shouldn't stop what you're doing just because some people don't appreciate your work; you should continue what you do for your own pleasure and for yourself first; and moreover, there are so many others who appreciate what you do, did you think about that?

common now, i'll be waiting for new recipes!
Thank u so much for the supports dears.Actually ?I'm least bothered abt that "Anony's" comments at all.I just need some time to clear my head and both matched that's all. Very soon I will be post my recipes as usually as I have received many emails regarding not posting new recipes..Really appreciated. Thanks
Ramya,Thamari, Anony who corrects my silly mistakes,Manoo,Vicky,Shama,Sanghi and Akal for ur concern and kind words. This is what I need now..Will be back soon!!!!
Unknown said…
Sad to read this post. Just avoid negative comments and keep posting! Cheer up!!

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