Roasted Chicken With Herbed Vegetables

Roasted Chicken with Herbed Vegetables

For a very long time I wanted to try stuffed roasted chicken but wasn't very whether it will come out right. As I was watching food network few days back - Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Recipe show was running and guess what he was preparing his Ultimate roasted chicken. I was delighted and decide to try his recipe for my son's birthday with my twist. In the original recipe he used just cremin mushrooms whereas I'm substitute it with button mushroom, onions and green bell pepper. With the help of my friend Dana we both manage to tie up the chicken somehow - but for first timer trust me it was not that bad.


Serving Size:4

1 whole chicken

1/2 cup pearl onions halved

1 whole garlic cloves

1 lemon quarted

3tbsp mint leaves

2tbsp mixed herb spice

1/2 pound sliced bacon

4tbs olive oil

2tbsp ground pepper powder

10 big button mushrooms halved

1 green bell pepper cubed

1 red onion cubed

Preparation Methods;

Wash the chicken really well and trim any excess fat and pat the chicken dry with paper towels. Season the cavity with salt and pepper.

In a large bowl combine the pearl onion, lemon, garlic, mixed herb spice, mint leaves and olive oil; season with salt and pepper and mix it well. Stuff the bird with the mixture. Using kitchen twine tie the up the chicken really tightly making sure that the stuffing will not fall off. Place the chicken breast side up in a roasting pan sprinkle little salt and pepper and layer the strips of bacon up breast until covered.

Roast the chicken for 2 hours at 400 degrees- arrange the mushrooms. red onions and green bell pepper around the chicken.

Remove the chicken from the pan, cover with foil if you prefer, and let stand for 10 minutes to rest. Serve the chicken with the roasted vegetables.