Home-made Servai (Rice Noddles)

Home -Made Servia (Rice Noddles)

Well this is a noddle recipe which is prepare from scrape...all you need for this particular recipe is rice soak for 5 hours and grind into a smooth batter just like we do for dosai preparation....I lear this while on my tripe to India from my mother-in-law...glad to share the recipe with you guys...it is also known as Sandagai...I'm not that sure of the spelling so if it spelled wrongly please kindly inform me..

Serving Size:4

2 cups raw rice
1 cup peanut oil

Preparation Methods:

Soak the raw rice for about 5 hours and then risen them really very well. Grind the raw rice into a smooth batter just like we prepare for iddly or dosai.

Heat a large non-stick wok and add 1 cup of peanut oil. Once heated pour the batter into and stir continuously careful not to burn the batter.

The stir batter should be in the consistence as shown above and should not stick to the pan at all.

Remove it from the wok and roll them into small balls and steam them for 15 minutes or until they are cooked just like iddly.

Then place these steamed ball in the servai maker and press them out into noddles as shown below.

Now you can prepare varity of servai like cocount servai, tomato servia or add your farourite vegetable and prepare just like fried rice noddles..