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Chicken Vindaloo

On Last Sunday I was thinking what to prepare for lunch and my hubby told me to prepare something with chicken...Chicken is one of the main non-veg item I used to prepare at home as it was my favorite dish. I would eat and try any dishes that is made with chicken. Instead of of making the same old type of chicken curry- I was searching my recipe book (well I have a habit of writing down all the recipe I have done and friend's recipes which I have tasted) as I wanted to try something different-that's when I came across the recipe of Chicken Vindaloo in my recipe book...I'm not sure when and from whom I got this recipe from.This is actually a Goan dish which is very spicy. I have adjust the level of chillies according to my taste..

Note: The main ingredient is dish is Vinegar so it will have a strong and tangy flavor in the dish. If you don't like the taste you could omit or just soak the chili in hot water or u can add a couple of tablespoon of vinegar to the…