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Steamed Chicken

The majority of the population living in Singapore are the Chinese. Chinese cuisines are well liked by everyone and very easy to prepare as not much spices and less ingredients and steaming method is used to prepare certain dish..chicken and fish are commonly uesd in steaming. Unlike Indian cuisine where a lot of spices used. Steaming is one of method of cooking and is more healthier than fried items...As everyone knows that chicken rice is very popular dish in Singapore which is usual served with steam chicken..taste much better than the roasted chicken. Ever since I came to USA..I'm kinda of getting lazy to prepare steamed or deep fried items like fried chicken which my son likes every much as I'm get more used to prepare then in oven..if I feel like having fried chicken .I will pester my hubby get KFC Chicken Meal and my hubby as that I can prefer even better friend chicken with spices like ginger and garlic...For this Thanksgiving Holiday we didn't go for any trips …