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Mixed Fruit Kesari

Mixed Fruit KesariTraditionally in South Indian homes there's a custom to serve sweet to their guests and relatives who visit their home for the first time. Kesari is one of the most easiest recipe to prepare.Kesari is one of my favorite Indian sweet which I can eat can never satisfy my sweet tooth.
All one needs is rava,sugar and ghee..yummy kesari will be ready in minutes. This sweet happens to be one of my favorite dish since young but I haven't really tried out at home myself at all. Whenever I plan to prepare either some of the ingredient would have finished or another. I was browsing tru one of fellow blogger's blog who's my orkut friend Jaishree and came across her fruit kesari-made want to prepare kesari with my touch. She used chopped fruits in her recipe while I'm going to blend my fruits to a puree before adding. So sit back enjoys my kesari with your Friends and relatives.

Serving Size:5

1 cup chopped mixed fruits (any fruit of you…