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Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney

Serving Size:4

1 cup chopped tomatoes
1/2 onion
3 clove garlic
1/2 ginger
10 curry leaves
1tsp mustard seeds,
1tsp ural daal,
6 dried chillie

Preparation Methods:
Coat a frying pan with 2tbsp of oil and saute tomatoes,dried chillies,onions,5curry leave,garlic and ginger til the tomatoes release it's juice.Once it's cooled grind to a smooth paste.

In the same frying pan, add 2tbsp oil. Then add mustard seeds.remaining curry leaves,ural daal and dried chillie. Once they turn slightly brown remove from flame and pour over the chutney.

Cooking Tips Part 1

Here are some cooking tips which can help us to prepare our mouth-watering dishes more easily and perfectly without any mess...and how to select food items and how to store them to redeem their freshness for days

Normally when chopping onions we tend to cry. To prevent from crying,chop the onions near a gas flame or refrigerate them before chopping.Add few drop of lemon juice and oil before cooking rice. The rice will tend to remain separate and rice will become more whiter and brighter.To make fluffy pooris,,just add 1/4 cup of white rava to 1 cup of wheat flour with 1tbsp of oil. Knead the dough well.If you want your pooris to be crispy, add 2tbsp of rice flour .Sometime we might add salt twice to our curries absent-mindly. Don't panic just throw in some raw potatoes or onions into the curries. They will absorb the extra salt,remove before serving.When boiling pasta or noodles-make sure to use a large pan or wok with water. This will give more space for them cook evenly. Salt the…