Big Breakfast

Big Breakfast (My Version of McDonald Big Breakfast)

For a long time I want to prepare Big Breakfast like you have in Mac' Donald's...according to my family taste. Finally I got a change to prepare them today as my son has no school and my hubby was working from home.One I prepare for my kids without bacon and another for us. I did not have time to make bake beans so I will be using store brought one for my's quick right then me preparing everything early morning..Here I'm making ham sandwich instead of muffins. Also preparing Mac and Cheese as it's my kid's favorite food...Enjoy!!! the serving size for this recipe is about 4...

Snap of McDonald's Big Breakfast From The Net

Mac & Cheese


1 cup of mixed shredder cheese
1 cup elbow macaroni
2tbsp butter
1tsp pepper
1tsp salt
1tbsp Mrs.Dash Sesononing Blend ( you can use another brand which has basil,dill,orgeo and other herd)
1/2 cup hot milk

Preparation Methods:
Slightly under cook cook elbows in salted water in large pot and drain and return to large pot.In another wok add the butter and hot milk to a boil. Then add the cheese and the macaroni to the milk mixture, stir slowly make sure not to break the pasta. Then add 1tbsp of Mrs. Dash Seasoning blend, pepper and salt. Once the mixture is thicken remove from flame. Sprinkle with shredder cheese.

Scramble Eggs


3 eggs
3tbsp of milk
salt to taste
1tbsp butter

Preparation Methods:
Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat. Meanwhile in large bowl break in the eggs with the milk and salt. Beat it well till fluffy and allow the mixture to set. Add the butter to the pan and pour in the beaten egg mixture.Using a spatula stirring to break the eggs to small pieces. Once it cooked transfer to a plate.

Perfect Fried Eggs

3 Eggs
dash of pepper powder
dash of salt

Preparation Methods
Coat a non-stick pan with 2 tbsp oil on medium flame. Once the pan is heated break in one egg carefully not to break the yolk. Let it cook well on side and slowly flip over the egg and let cook for 5 minutes...If you like to have the egg half cook remove from flame or let cook well -sprinkle salt and pepper before serving. Repeat the same method until all eggs are done..keep aside

Sandwich @ Bacon

6 slice thick cut bacons
4 slice white bread
4 slice oven roastred chicken breast
dino shape cookie cutter
1 can stored brought baked beans of your choice

Preparation Methods:

Spread the butter evenly on the bread splices. Place 2 slice chicken breast on side of the bread and place another onto. Cut the sandwich using the cookie cutter to get the dino shape. Keep aside. As for the bacon place them on a oven plate and cook for 5 minutes on high till it becomes crispy..mine was crispy at 5 minutes (depends on each oven).

Time for plating this recipe according to each taste..that's my kids and us.

For the kids:
Get their favorite plate..I'm using Diego and Doro.I'm not serving the fired eggs and bacon for my kids.

We are having the fried eggs and bacon together with Mac & Cheese, Ham Sandwich and steaming cup of hot Milo.


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