Thakkail Murukku

Thakkail Murukku

Serving Size:5


3 tomatoes
3 dried chillies
1tsp fennel seeds
5 cups rice flour
2.5 cup besan flour
1tsp black sesame seeds
1/2tsp oma seeds
2tbsp chillie powder
1tsp hing powder
1 cup hot oil
oil for deep frying

Preparation Methods:
Boil the tomatoes with dried chillie and fennel seeds for 5 minutes. Once cooled blend into a fine mixture.In large bowl mix all ingredient expect oil. Knead the mixture into a soft dough by add the hot oil and gridded takkail mixture.

Then place a good amount of the dough into the murukku maker and press out the shape onto wax paper. By using wax paper, murukku will easily come off when u fry them in hot oil.
Heat up the oil in a large wok on medium flame...deep fry each murukku til golden brown. Drain and serve hot with tea of coffee.


Anonymous said…
hmmm...murukku with thakkail..something new...a twist in traditional Indian Snack..nice try