Vegetable Kurma

Vegetable Kurma


For the Kurma Paste
1 cup of freshly grated coconut or use 5tbsp of coconut powder
6pcs dried chillies
6tsp of coriander seeds crushed
1/4 cup coriander powder
1/2 tsp of cumin seeds
1tbsp of ginger garlic paste
Small piece of cinnamon stick
2pcs cloves
2pcs cardamon pods
1/2 cup of chopped shallots
1/2tsp of poppy seeds
1/4tsp of fennel seeds
1 green chillie
2tbsp of pottu kadaial
5 pcs of peppercorns
Few piece of mint leaves

Fry all the kurma ingredient in oil and once cooked grind into coarsely paste,keep a side

1/2 cup of shallots cut into half
1/4tsp of mustard seeds
2 tomatoes quartered
4 curry leaves
2 cups of chopped carrots,green beans,potatoes and cauliflower

Preparation Methods:
On a medium flame,heat 3tbsp of oil ,add mustard seeds once it starts to pop add curry leaves and chopped shallots. When the shallots are semi cooked add the tomatoes,fry well. Then add the chopped vegetable,pour 1/2 cup of water.Cover and let the vegetable cook for 15 minutes.
Remover the cover check whether the vegetable are tender enough, then add the kurma masala. Add salt to taste...If u fine the kurma too thick u can thin it by add some hot milk or just water.Remove from flame once it starts to boil.
This kurma could be serve with Ghee rice or even chapatis....


lakshmi said…
looks like yummy curry