Vallarai Chutney

This leave are very popular in Sri Lankan cusisines. It's called Vallarai in tamil and has medical values. Normally used them to make chutney and has very bitter peppery taste. I found the Vallarai leaves in the Asian store and it's my hubby's farovite chutney.

Vallarai Chutney


1cup of Vallarai leaves
1bsp channa daal
1tbsp coriander seeds
5 dried chillies
6 curry leaves
5 shallots
4 garlic
1tsp cumin seeds
Tamarind pulp-lemon size
1/4tsp of hing powder
Salt to taste

Preparation Method

Boil the valliarai leaves in the microwave for 4 minutes on high. Squeeze out the water and keep it aside.
In a frying pan add oil and add all the ingredient expect Vallarai leaves. Sti fry the ingredient well then add the Vallarai leaves and combine well.

Once cool, grind the mixture in a fine paste.
This chutney could be eaten with rice or even crispy doasi.


ambicks said…
saraswathy u have got nice blog. valarai... WOW i love that. but where do u get that? indian stores dont have them not even vazhai thandu :(
Thanks...vallarai leaves are available in Asian Stores where u can find all international ingredients..I buy them from Nam Hai in Tulsa...
Bhavna said…
can u tell me what vallari is called in north indai
Hi Bhavna it's called "Brahmi" in should be able to get these leaves in your place...:D
Anonymous said…
Saraswathi, very nice blog with wonderful recipes. Can you tell me, under what name can I find this vallarai in the Asian store? The Asian store at my place has a lots of green with different names and I am not sure as to which one should we buy for our Indian cooking. Please let me know the name of this green in the Asian store. Thanks in advance.