Idiyaapam (String Hoppers)
This morning I was cracking my head not knowing what to make for breakfast for my son. That's when one of my friend from Singapore came online for a chat. While chatting she mentioned that she had Idiyaapam with chicken curry for dinner. Idiyaapam...that's my favorite breakfast item. When I was in Singapore I used to have Idiyaapm for break with freshly grated coconut,red sugar and sudhi(simply curry made with coconut milk).I decided to make Idiyaapm for breakfast. Idiyaapam is made with raw rice.We must soak raw for 5 hrs and then dry it and grind to powder...but for my recipe I'm using rice flour. It's much easier to make. It could also made with the combination of ragi and rice flour but I prefer to use only rice flour. Anyway this is my version of making Idyiaapam...if there's any other method pls share it with me.

Serving Size:2


1 cup rice flour
1 cup water or as required
salt to taste
2tsp oil

Preparation Methods:

Dry roast the rice flour for about 5 minutes. Boil the water, salt, and oil in a covered vessel. Lower heat and slowly add the rice flour; mix continuously so that the mixture is lump-free.

Remove the vessel from the heat. Knead the. mixture with pressure.

Put some dough into a murukku maker using the omapodi disc and press out onto a greased iddly plate and steam for 3 minutes or til cooked.