Chicken Rice

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I was basically brought up in Singapore.One of the best things about being in Singapore is undoubtedly the food. It is no secret that Singaporeans eat and drink with a passion. As a muti-national country Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Peranakan, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean cuisine, and more compete one another in the "battle of the taste buds"! Food is well-loved in Singapore.Coffee shops, hawker centers, restaurants, food courts, cafes and snack shops hug the numerous well-ordered streets of Singapore.

All types of delicious food are sold at all times, from hearty hawker fare to fancy gourmet meals. Waking up in the morning at 6am, you are likely to enjoy a breakfast of kaya toast or congee.When midnight strikes you can always find comfort in a 24 hour coffee shop nearby with crispy roti prata and curry, or Teochew porridge.

On top of that, there is Singapore's Hainanese chicken rice is considered as Singapore’s favorite(or national) dish and popular among locals and oversea visitors.
There's numerous version in preparing this delicious dish. Normally the rice is eaten with steamed chicken but prefer to use buffalo grilled chicken. It's serve with sliced cucumbers and a bowl of soup.I have share both the roasted and steam chicken recipe here..Both will taste good with the rice..just choose the chicken of ur choice and prepare the Singapore's Famous Hainanese Chicken Rice with your loved one.There is no need to visit Singapore to taste the dish you can have it right in your kitchen folks..enjoy as much as I enjoyed while having this with my loved ones.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Serving Size:4
Ingredients for the rice:

2 cups of jasmine rice
4 cups of home made chicken stock(see the recipe at under chicken)
1tbsp ginger shredded
1tbsp garlic shredded
5 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
2tbso sesame oil
Pandan leaves( properly frozen are available in Asian stores)

Preparation Method:
Wash the rice and drain well.Fry shredded ginger and garlic with oil till golden fragrant.Pour in chicken stock, add cinnamon, cloves, Pandan leaves and cook (in a rice cooker) as usual.

Ingredients for chili sauce:
fish sauce
fresh red chilies

Preparation Method:
Put fresh red chillies, garlic and ginger in mixer and grind till rather fine.Add vinegar,fish sauce,salt and sugar to taste.Squeeze lime while serving.

Ingredients for Buffalo Grilled Chicken:
1 whole chicken
1 packet of McCormick Original Buffalo Seasoning mix
1tbsp of ginger garlic paste
1tbsp of chillie powder
1tsp of gram masala
3tbsp of hot buffalo sauce
4tbsp of lemon juice
1tsp of grounded pepper
2tbsp of olive oil
Salt to taste

Preparation Method:
Clean the chicken well and trim away all the fats. In a large bowl add all the spice ingredient, mix well. Then rub the mixture evenly over the chicken.Let the chicken marinate for a least two days in the fridge. Grilled the chicken for 1 h 30 minutes at 350°C.

Steamed Chicken

Serving Size:4


1 whole chicken
4tbso sesame oil
1tsp grounded pepper
1tbsp salt
3tbsp soy sauce
1 whole garlic clove
1 medium ginger
1/2 cup chopped onions
6 cup home-made chicken stock or store brought
3 stalk spring onion chopped
cucumber and tomato wedge for garnishing

Preparation Methods:

Wash the chicken under running water well and pat dry. In a small bowl mix salt,pepper , soy sauce and sesame oil. Brush the chicken with the mixture really well and let it marinate for at least 4 hours.Place the whole garlic and ginger inside the chicken and tie the legs together. Pour the chicken stock into a pressure cooker and add all the remaining ingredients expect the cucumber and tomato wedges and bring to a boil. Then place the chicken careful into the pressure cooker and cook to one whistle only or else the chicken will become too soft. Careful remove the chicken from the pressure cooker and garnish with cucumber and tomato wedge.


This is my favourite.... I haven't heard abt chicken rice before I tried at her home... you can have this as replacement for boring Pulav.. try this u'l come to know, no wonder why this is my favourite...
Lakshmi said…
I am a Vegetarian but being in Singapore I can definitely say it is the food loved by all Singaporeans.
Unknown said…
Not need to of my favorite dish here in Singapore..esp with steam chicken and black sauce..yummy really out of the world..