Beetroot chutney

Beetroot Chutney

Serving Size:4


1 cup of shredded beetroot
3tbsp of tamarind pulp
5 dried chilles
1 onion chopped
1 garlic minced finely
2 green chillies chopped
4 curry leaves
1tsp of mustard seed
1tsp of ural daal
pinch of hing powder
Salt to taste

Preparation Method:
Coat a fry pan with 2tbsp of oil. add curry leaves,garlic, chillies dried chillies and onions.Then add the tamarind juice and cook til the beetroots are tender. Let the mixture be cooled and grind to a smooth paste.

In the same frying pan pour 3tbsp of oil, once hot at mustard,curry leaves,2dried chillies and ural daal with a pinch of hing powder..fry and pour over the chutney.